November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Duh – of course my situation needs it’s own month. So, if you are following the blog and see me regularly, be sure to give me an extra hug or something this month. 😛

Anyway, I survived Halloween with very little excitement other than the complete error in carb counting judgement of my lunch. (Bounced up to over 300… ouch.) Apparently that uber delish eggplant, spinach and sundried tomato sandwich had a lot more in it than slices of heaven. (Yes, kids, it was THAT good. Or maybe I was just reallllly hungry.)

My day started, however, with a trip to my new endocrinologist. At 8:00 am. About 35 minutes from my house. After I had been out dancing the night before. Yeah – I dragged.

The doc is new to the facility and kind of has a “take-no-bullshit” attitude. Which is maybe what I need. My last endo was nice enough, and the educators were nice, but I always kind of felt that they just settled for my 7.0 A1C and said “well that’s what you are… the end.”

He immediately commented on the fact that I don’t wear a med ID (I have a pump on!), don’t have a Glucagon kit at home (horror stories from my childhood plague me still from that stuff), and why I refuse to have a flu shot (not that I’m anti vaccines… just I feel this one just doesn’t work.) And then told me to stop taking the Statin I’ve been on for the last 8 years or so because it’s pointless to take drugs “for prevention” at my age and there are no indicators that I am at risk for high cholesterol (THANK YOU!)

I also got hypo while at the doctor’s office. And got to awkwardly search for glucose tablets at the bottom of my purse. Doc finally gave up and got me juice from his office. (By the way – warm OJ is gross.)

But no babies until the blood sugars are down. (sigh.) And I’ve developed a tiny bit of Neuropathy in the tips of my toes. Kind of normal… but sad because this is the first it’s been noticed. But really, I’ve been a diabetic for 30+ years now. It was bound to happen at some point.

So he gave me the number to the diabetic educators’ office, sent a referral, and scheduled a follow up in 3 months. And since NO ONE can figure out my 445 pages of medical records from my previous med facility, I’m quite literally starting clean and establishing brand new base lines.

In my near future shall be lots of record keeping, adjustments, blood work, and basal testing (bleh!).

I’m gonna be stressed. Remember that hug thing earlier? Yeah.


One thought on “November is Diabetes Awareness Month

  1. Josh says:

    I like how your new doc sounds lol. All my docs want me on statins for one reason, “you’re a diabetic” If I have a problem, then sure but not just for the heck of it. I never did the carb counting thing till a few weeks ago, tisk whatever to make things work better. Good luck. Keep on fighting.

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