Convention Weekend

It’s a west coast swing convention weekend! So I’ll be MIA for a few days.

Conventions involve west coast swing competitions, workshops with top pros in the biz, and super late night dancing.

If you’ve never seen WCS, here is a fabulous example.

Being a diabetic, you always end up packing way more than you need because you have to constantly be prepared for just about anything. So my bag consists of:

1.5 bottles of insulin
3 infusion sets and resevoirs for the pump
AAA Batteries
A box of fruit snacks
A bottle of glucose tabs
Two bottles of test strips
Meal replacement bars
Peanut butter
English muffins
Mini bags of almonds
About 5 pairs of shoes (includes the three dance pairs)
Banana bread that is dairy free, that I made last night!
Sugar Free Red Bull
Diet Root Beer
Clothes… lots of clothes

And whipped cream vodka.

I’m going away for a WEEKEND!

After you’ve been competing a while, you learn that hotel food is REALLY expensive and full of nasty ass carbs that don’t fill you up. So I’m bringing the buffet to my hotel room to share with my four other roommates.

Other fun things I’ve learned: the pump is your best friend. Because seriously, I’ll skip lunch, stress out about my comp, run SKY HIGH for the time being (which is better than low as passing out on the comp floor is generally frowned upon), eat random hotel food, take a nap, stay up dancing until 2 or 3 am. Rinse, repeat.

But – it’s fun! Right? And exercise. I guess. With alcohol… definitely.

Oh and I dug out my medical ID. Guilt trip successful.


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