Wheee! What a fantastical weekend!

I’m semi-recovered from the sleep deprivation and three days of hotel food. (Though, I’ve learned… bring your own snacks and breakfasts to save money.) But – luckily, my blood sugars survived with no crazy problems except for some fairly dramatic lows. To be expected, I guess, when you are running on a higher basal rate than normal, you aren’t sure what you are eating, and you are dancing for 5 hours straight. In high elevation. To be honest, I expected the opposite to happen. But – at least I was able to enjoy my meals, and a late night pizza slice.

I entered three contests and placed fairly high in all of them with my respective partners. I am now recognized by the World Swing Dance Council, along with a good chunk of novice points. I had some of the funnest comp dances with one of my really good friends. And got to hang out with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while. (Also, I really suck at Cards Against Humanity.)

I actually got to council a couple of my friends who have a newly diagnosed diabetic cat. The struggles and frustrations they are encountering are fairly similar, as I can imagine, to what my parents went through when I was diagnosed as a toddler. Feline diabetes isn’t much different from human diabetes. The pre-diagnosis symptoms are similar; cats need to have their blood sugar tested like us; cats can be insulin dependent. The huge difference is communication – cats can’t give verbal cues if their blood sugars are low. Or high. And even though cats can take the same types of insulin that we can, you aren’t really sure what effect it’ll have on an animal.

So I’m interested in doing more research about it. If anyone has any insight, please post below.


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