How many days until Thanksgiving?

Gah! Post election Facebook feed is unreal. It’s amazing how crazy both sides are. If your candidate won, you gloated. If your candidate lost, you claimed the world was really going to end in December and you were off to go buy guns.

Then there is me who wasn’t a fan of either large party candidate, but liked one over the other. So – I’m happy with reservations. There is a lot of work to be done, kids. It’ll be an interesting four years. But really, can the awful memes about Muslim domination stop? Jeez. We’re all in this hot mess together.

Anyway, enough of my political banter.

Now that the election is over, it’s time to start thinking about all the holidays that force my insulin pump into overdrive. If you thought Halloween was bad… wait until we get to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anyone can avoid Halloween candy. You don’t buy it. You don’t hand it out. The end. But how do you turn down invitations to parties where the centerpiece is a giant turkey and overindulgence is the norm? The holiday social hour is centered around a high carb display of appetizers and the actual meal isn’t served until later. So you have no choice but to snack.

Don’t let me start on desserts.

So, what to do? Take a “day off” from being a staunch diabetic to enjoy the meal you only get once a year? (Seriously, when else are you going to make candied yams?) Well, that’s normally what I do. Despite my best efforts, I annually end up in the 300s post dinner and take my dear sweet time coming down. Sometimes I try to load my plate up with salad instead. (Not a big turkey fan.) But that generally doesn’t work. (See note about the appetizers.)

The added challenge will be if I have to encounter the holidays while pregnant. Since I can’t guarantee a mid-October birth in any year, I might as well start training myself now to not eat everything in sight. (Oh, I’m just sampling! Yeah…)

The problem? I’ve been so incredibly hungry in between meals. My sugars have been okay. (My app says I’m running around a 132 average or so.) But even with the added morning and afternoon protein-laced snacks, I’m famished by the time my next meal rolls around. My activity level is about the same and I’m not gaining any additional weight, so I suppose the extra calories won’t be awful. But feeling hungry an hour before your next scheduled meal just makes everything way more dramatic than I want it to be. (I’m really surprised my stomach hasn’t started singing 3 part harmonies yet.)

My fear for the holidays, that despite my best efforts and restraints, the snack table will call and I will eat All.The.Food! And it’ll all be empty carbs because that’s how my family rolls. Unless there are cashews. Then maybe all might not be lost. (Well, except maybe the cashews.)

I have two weeks…


2 thoughts on “How many days until Thanksgiving?

  1. John L says:

    If someone organized a “healthy Thanksgiving” get together I’d personally love to go. Thanksgiving food is a’ight, but it’s nothing I couldn’t live without, and I don’t love the “oh my god, why did I eat so much” feeling that comes after.

    • seejendance says:

      It’s not so much that I fill myself up to the point that I can’t move. It just seems that I pick the wrong items to put on my plate. However, erry’thing seems to have a high fat content on the table. So even if I eat small amounts, I’m still hit later.

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