Today’s Not Your Day. Tomorrow Doesn’t Look Good Either.

A funny little saying that perfectly describes my blood sugars today. It’s as though the D was only pleasing one person today, and obviously it wasn’t me. And here I was hoping I’d have a good day because it was International Diabetes Day and all. Oh well.

I was given the opportunity to try my new bolus rate for night time snacks. 1:6. I had some high protein snacks. A little bit of plain greek yogurt, a couple raspberries, a graham cracker and some PB. I started off 162 before heading to sleep. Maybe that was the issue. But I corrected and gave insulin for the carbs I ate.

At 4 am, I woke up suddenly with a 280 blood sugar. Corrected and went back to bed.

At my alarm at 6 am, I’m still 260.  Sigh. Maybe the pump encountered an air bubble. <change set> <additional correction>

By 7 am, I’m still 200. But I assume I’m coming down. So I have a small breakfast and head to work.

I remain over 200 up until about lunchtime, even after multiple corrections. I was waiting for the eminent crash from all the insulin getting stacked against me. But I only came down to 125.

The rest of my day stabilized. Almost. I managed to drop into the 60s. Well, at least this roller coaster day is over. But I pretty much just ruined my average for the month.

My CDE appointment is next week. It really can’t come soon enough.


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