99 Problems and A Breakfast Ain’t One of Them

Warning… my Type A Personality kicked into overdrive on this post… needed something to counter balance yesterday’s humor.

The increased morning basal rate seems to be working better than expected. I’ve had the same breakfast meal for the last two days, and most likely will continue to until I have reason to try something else. But I haven’t experienced the extreme highs I have been for last, oh, I don’t know, 6 years.

I can’t really remember the reason behind giving me an extremely low basal between the hours of 8 am and 10:30 am. I think the logic was it was to mask the extreme lows I’d experience around those times when I was on Lantus. Each time my docs would increase my Lantus to decrease my post prandial highs, I’d always peak much later than expected, resulting in lows.

And why was this never adjusted later? Who knows. Maybe other things were a priority. Like my middle of the nights. And my fastings. Or that I just didn’t have the time to care.

At any rate, as long as I have a high fiber snack in the morning, my blood sugars seem to respond favorably until lunch.

And then I eat lunch and it all goes nuts for some reason. This is when I experiment with dual wave boluses the most because my lunches are lower in carbs, but higher in protein and fat. It doesn’t always work. However, neither does giving all the insulin in one fair swoop. So – here in lies my issue. Am I eating the wrong things? Or are my basals in need of adjusting again? Or maybe I’m not bolusing enough. The insulin to carb ratio at that time is 1:5, for reasons I can’t remember.

My usual fallback of “well I can’t take that much insulin because I’ll crash” doesn’t seem to work anymore. The last few afternoons have elevated into the 180 range and don’t fall further unless prompted by another correction. Otherwise I just hang out there.

So – rather than checking every single hour to see what my sugars are doing, I really hope the CDE has more productive answers. My goal is to not hit those 200s anymore. And to fall normally within a 3 hour range so I can eat a small snack and continue. This plan works so long as I have no other outside factors to hinder them. (Blocked insulin pump, hormones, stress, etc.)

But hey… breakfast! Those are good, right?


One thought on “99 Problems and A Breakfast Ain’t One of Them

  1. loveablestef says:

    OMG – such a hassle! I commend you for taking this on like no kidding. You are taking care of yourself and your future health in a major way by handling it. Only the courageous choose insulin pumps! I swear – not the easy route. You are a samurai. Enjoy the pie today! You deserve it…especially since you are being so responsible about it!!

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