Eggs… Eggs Everywhere

Om nom nom

Based on feedback, I decided to bring these yummies to Thanksgiving tomorrow. Here are some notes if you decide to make them.

  • I have no idea why the recipe says use stevia. Especially in that amount. No other stevia recipe I’ve seen uses that much, mostly because it’s so concentrated. So I subbed in Splenda for the exact amounts listed. They are definitely sweet though.
  • This recipe uses EGGS. So many eggs. Five total. Luckily, you only actually use one whole egg. The rest are egg whites. So, if I were to make this again, I’d probably by the “pour your eggs” from a carton to save on time. My little egg separator was taking it’s dear ol’ sweet time.
  • They stick to paper cups really bad. I’d suggest waiting until they are completely cool before taking them for a taste test.
  • They are really dense.
  • I used reduced fat cream cheese rather than fat free.
  • I beat the cream filling ingredients with a hand mixer rather than cleaning out my Kitchen Aid.
  • It passed the hubby approval test.

We’ll see how they stand up against the multitude of other desserts we’ll have tomorrow.


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