A New Appreciation for Breakfast Sandwiches

Today was lab work day… so in a few days, I should be able to see if all of this extra insulin and random hypoglycemia is actually making my A1Cs better. (It certainly isn’t making my waistline any better because I feel like I’m eating every 20 minutes.) Anyway, this morning, my awkward orange vat and I travelled back to my clinic to be tested. And since I was killing two orders with one stone, I was also cautiously teetering near hypo-ville while fasting.

I always get nervous when I go to a new hospital for lab work. I have a very specific arm and very specific vein that bleeds out… well, specifically. My right arm never wants to work and don’t even come near the veins in my hand without a fight. I went to the same clinic for years before I switched insurance plans because they just knew how to make everything as painless as possible.

So, of course, my tech is chatty. Like to the point of tedium. Or… “I’m just going to talk too much with the hope that you’ll forget I’m jabbing your arm with a needle.” And she also missed the vein the first time and started digging. DIGGING! Then said “oh you need to relax because the vein is hiding from me.” WTF? Of COURSE it’s hiding from you.

More chatting. <band head here>

Then she is waiting for the last vial to fill and starts PUSHING the needle in FURTHER.

What I should have said:

Instead I say: “Oh… no, you aren’t hurting me. Oh, I need to do a micro-albumin test after this? Because the awkward orange vat isn’t enough for y’all. Okay.”

Finally free of my new not-so-favorite new place, I treat myself to a much needed Skinny Vanilla Latte and a Turkey Bacon and Egg breakfast sandwich. I don’t think I’ve ever had something so delicious.


One thought on “A New Appreciation for Breakfast Sandwiches

  1. Scott K. Johnson says:

    Oh my gooses. This totally makes me wince! Totally been there!

    My right arm is “old faithful.” The veins in my left arm apparently take a sharp 90 degree turn right where they’re supposed to be straight. Go figure.

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