New year (almost.) New fitness ideas.

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The hubs and I discussed getting back into yoga since we both have active hobbies that don’t compliment each other. (He runs 10Ks… I prefer to prance around in sparkly heels.) We tried the co-gym thing and I hated it. Our gym is super small, but cheap…and you get what you pay for. He prefers the outdoors but keeps the membership in case it’s epically cold outside. (Like it is now.)

The problems with getting back into yoga were 1) the studios were too far away 2) interfered with my dance schedule and/or work schedule 3) were way too expensive to pair with my dance membership.

I used to practice often enough back when I lived near a 24 Hour Fitness. The old gym I visited had this great floor. It was a carpeted spring board with lots of (safe) give. Even with a yoga mat, I still have issues with laying on my lower back for extended periods of time. And in PiYo, you do that a LOT. I was quite bummed when the gym migrated to a larger location and had all hardwood floors for their classes. So I stopped; only checking into a class here and there when I had the time.

Now that the plan is cut back on the dancing so I can save cash for a kiddo/have a kiddo, I need to find a new routine pronto. A lot of my dancer friends cross train with yoga and PiYo programs, so I’ve been researching schedules, pricing, and distance for the last couple of days. There is a studio about 10 minutes from me, but it’s Bikram only.

For those that don’t know what Bikram is, it’s hot yoga on crack. You work out in a room set at 105 degrees with 47% humidity. It’s the the freakin’ Amazon; cue the tropical birds and sudden rainstorms. Some of my friends swear by it. But I don’t think it’s a possibility for me since the insulin in my pump breaks down faster in extreme high heat. I could disconnect, but classes are longer than an hour, thus making me quite uncomfortable with what my control will do. I was already having a crappy blood sugar day due to some air bubbles in my tubing, so I really didn’t want to risk  going higher without talking to my CDE first. Or experimenting further with non-hot yoga.

Another studio offers vinyasa yoga at a variety of different times during the day. They have a $10 for 10 days special for newbies as well. They are a haul and a half from where I live, but I’ve had a number of people tell me it’s worth it. I packed all my new swag (thanks to an REI gift card), dusted off my mat and bag (literally… it had cobwebs), and drove out to the studio.

The studio is hardwood (doh!) but not your average. Softer. No mirrors (the dancer in me freaked out a bit). And a toasty 85 degrees. Hmmm. I kept my pump on, holstered and in my pocket just in case I needed to move it quickly. I tested pre-class to a 210 mg/dl blood sugar. *Sigh* I did just have lunch and was still recovering from my whacked out morning of highs. I didn’t want to give a correction because I wasn’t high enough to warrant it. But from previous 24 Hour experiences, that number wasn’t going to change much.

Well… I was wrong. Dead wrong. THAT was a workout and I was sweating bullets for the entire hour and 15. I was lightheaded within the first 10 minutes because the whole point of vinyasa is to sync your breathing with movement, which I wasn’t doing well at all. Since it was my first class in a long time and this was all levels, I liberally took breaks and stopped poses that hurt. There were a few. Probably just not doing them right. I’ve had too many injuries to continue and “work through” pain. It’s not worth my co-pays to get them checked out if I know I can prevent them in the first place.

Post class, my hair is a mess (I chopped all my hair off recently so tying it back wasn’t an option), and my blood sugar is a falling 127 mg/dl. Hey, I guess I did something today.

Later when I’m finally hope to reward myself with a shower, my infusion set nearly falls out. Oh yeah… so that’s what the message boards were talking about. I dig out my IV Prep 3000 so the new set can survive my shower. I don’t use IV Prep at all otherwise. The sets generally last through a quick swim, multiple showers and intense dance evenings. How fast did my memory fail me? I honestly couldn’t remember how to put the stuff on. It was only after the second attempt that I remember I’m supposed to cut a hole in the tape so I can disconnect without issue.

I’m also extremely sore, which I guess is normal. Mostly in my upper back and arms.

I’m also unclear how to cool down and stretch after a class that is essentially… well… stretching. I mean, everyone likes Corpse pose (or five minute nap time) at the end of class. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Now I have 10 days to go back to the studio as often as I want. I might skip tomorrow so I can recover (and there are fewer classes). There is also a beginning program held twice a week for one month, which I might sign up for if the schedule allows.


One thought on “Yogi-betic

  1. John L says:

    It’s quite an experience isn’t it? During my first session with Vinyasa Yoga in that warm room I kind of felt like I might pass out. The controlled breathing thing was definitely a challenge. I just finished my 50th session, and the heat stopped bothering me some time back, but I still take breaks when I feel like the breathing is running a little ragged. In fact I’ve kind of decided that trying to do absolutely everything they throw at you isn’t really worth it – just doing 90% of it leaves me exhausted enough.

    Ironically, now that you’re trying out my old studio I’m going to try out Bikram because that’s going to be closer to where I’m moving next month. I’ll let you know how I think they compare.

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