Later 2012… Hello 2013!

I don’t make resolutions. I think they are stupid.

Instead, I usually come up with a list of goals for the following year on December 31st and post them for the world to see. And then check half way through the year on my progress. My last goal sheet was lost when Facebook got rid of their notes. (I simply can’t find them now.)

So here is a short list of things I’d like to accomplish next year.

1) Be healthy enough and maintain a decent blood sugar average so that in the event we are blessed with a child, I can carry him or her to full term with minimal complications. I don’t want to just say “get pregnant” because I feel that’s counter productive and puts WAY too much pressure on us as a couple. (And then I just sound like I’m going to miraculously spawn offspring at the drop of a hat. Nope.)

2) Learn to properly put on liquid eyeliner. (C’mon! Why is this so freakin’ difficult!?)

3) Continue my dance education as normal, including performances and west coast swing competitions, until it is deemed no longer healthy by my doctors.

4) Paint the damn guest bathroom. (Which has been on the to-do list since 2010…)

5) Become fully self reliant at my job and see a product launch from start to finish.

6) Survive MacWorld. And then survive the larger awards ceremony in March.

7) Survive another yoga class. (The last one brought back my shoulder impingement. Boo…)

8) Implement three home improvement Pins I’ve saved on Pinterest.

9) Cook with more fresh ingredients. Eat more veggies and fruit. Find alternatives for breakfast that don’t spike my blood sugars. Use my new crockpot. Drink more water.

10) Travel somewhere new.

Happy New Year friends!


2 thoughts on “Later 2012… Hello 2013!

  1. Anonymous Lurker says:

    Re: #2 — I find that pulling my lid taut and also using a firm felt-tipped liner helps quite a bit. I can show you in person if you like.

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