Wireless Vacation

Today’s thought – from Kate Spade NY’s Tumblr


Ladies and gents… big news. I wore a dress today. With leggings. In 35 degree weather. To work. Yes. No clips, bands, square bulks on my side… just me in a dress I haven’t worn in 2 years because I hate dealing with pump fashion sense.

I’ve been riding the Lantus high for about 2 days now. But thankfully, that’s not where my blood sugars have been residing. In fact, they’ve been kind of on the low side, so I’m probably way over-doing the Lantus.

But – have a morning snack and not give any insulin for but still have an amazing blood sugar by lunch? Don’t mind if I do.

Wear PJ pants without pockets? Of course!

An infusion set free shower? Yes please!

Seriously, why did I give this up?

Oh, wait… yeah. The whole awkward, whipping out syringes at random and sticking yourself multiple times for grazing the pantry before dinner thing. And the fact that my post prandials are probably shit right now. (But hey, I eventually come down because of all the Lantus.)

Okay – my pump should be here tomorrow. I hope it’s not pink. Maybe I should have specified.


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