“You’re a Challenge…”


My endocrinologist highly discouraged trying to get pregnant until at least another A1C round. Then reminded me that the only reason my A1C corrected itself like that was because I ran hypoglycemic for 2 months straight. (With some epic rebounds.)

Since this isn’t a progressive way to maintain control, I met with my CDE again for another pump download. During the analysis of the last two weeks of records (all I really had because it’s a new pump), she sighed after starring at my 6:00 pm lows and said “well, you’re a challenge…”

Well, there you have it. Another CDE is stumped by my glucose control. I added that this is why so many other doctors gave up and just said “Meh, I guess you are okay.” Generally, that had to do with my sugars running higher, but same difference.

That said, no, there isn’t really a rhyme or reason why there are lows plaguing my evenings. Basals have been adjusted, as have carb ratios. I run low regardless of activity or lack thereof. A fatty lunch or a plate of vegetables. The a new problem cropped up – overnight lows.

So I’m stuck with another round of basal tests; this time overnight. And I need to monitor my evenings after another round of adjustments.

I’m really hoping this is all worth it.


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