Chocolate Under the Influence


I really do love Pinterest and the amount of recipes I’ve found for my busy lifestyle, diet habits and pickiness of my hubby. (Can’t complain much – he still cooks a majority of the dinners around here.) People way more creative than I can post their cooking experiments online for the world to try.

And then I can try them and critique them. 🙂

I saw these muffins floating around my boards by a number of different people. I went back to them because 1) I like chocolate, a lot. 2) I like the idea of not incorporating white flour or refined sugar in as many things as possible given my new obsession with post prandial sugars. 3) I like that all of these items were already in my pantry/fridge so I didn’t have to shop for anything special.

Well, so I thought.

I tried these out on Sunday. I had a glass of my Mambo wine again for dinner. (I was still trying to finish the bottle… it kind of grew on me.) I broke out the blender that was inherited from my hubby’s pre-marriage rental home, which may have easily belonged to some other roommate, but it came with us. I added all the ingredients into the blender and made my batter.

Two things went wrong:

1) The blender is horrible. It mixed the bottom half of the ingredients… and only the bottom half. Mental note: when I get a raise, I’m buying a Vitamix.
2) The muffin batter was definitely not chocolate. I had to add in chocolate chips later, but surely it wouldn’t turn that dark by melting chocolate chips. It was weird. I needed cocoa powder. But I read the ingredient listing again and didn’t find any cocoa powder. (Wait…)

So I baked as instructed. I then reread the ingredient list, only to discover that cocoa powder was indeed part of the ingredients list. Hidden, I might add. Whatever… too late now. The muffins are already baking. What could go wrong.

They turned out horrible. Like a gelatinous form of cookie dough with no taste. I usually don’t mind raw dough, but others might. I wasn’t going to keep these around. Tempted to make them again on Sunday, I realized I was out of oatmeal – the base of the muffins. Hm… guess these aren’t happening. Silly Mambo wine.

Tonight I went to the store and bought more oats and egg whites in a carton. (Because I’m lazy.) I cook dinner first and treat myself to a glass of V. Suttui Moscato, which is heavenly. Attempt two included the 3/4 cup of cocoa and some semi sweet chips. My blender is still shit; almost to the point that I much rather would have dealt with my teeny tiny food processor.

Some alterations:
1) These did NOT cook in the time allotted. It said they’d be done in 12-15 minutes total? I baked for 22. That was 10 minutes to put the extra chips on top and then another 12 to make the centers solid.
2) I probably overmixed because of the blender. So the dough wasn’t as solid. I ended up filling only 1.5 trays of muffin tins, but they still turned out pretty small.

Verdict: they are edible. Are they perfect? Not really, but it’s enough to get some sort of guilt-free chocolate kick. And with the greek yogurt included, there is a little bit of protein there. (There weren’t any nutrition facts on the recipe page except for a calorie count.)


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