The Curse of Pre-Natal Vitamins

I’ve been taking pre-natal vitamins for a better part of the year. It really didn’t matter much as I was already taking 9 zillion other medications at night, including a daily multi. Why not switch it up to something more specific for my future purpose? 🙂

I had my regular OB tell me it was a great idea to start early. 6 months before I even considered having a kid. Gotta get that folic acid in. (Which is weird, because my daily womens multi had quite a bit of folic acid as well…) It’s all about the same anyway, I suppose.

The high risk OB I saw told me not to worry about the pre-natal vitamins yet because all they do is increase your sensitivity to smell. Hm, well that’s odd.

I started taking them back in June. I haven’t really noticed any changes until more recently.

It doesn’t really help that my office backs against a coffee house, where they roast their own beans, and a winery, where they crush their own grapes. And the winery has a restaurant with daily, gourmet specials. My office is a multitude of smells, none of which are that appealing. (Seriously, have you ever smelled burned coffee beans?) Nothing that has passed through my nostrils from those sources has really thrown me over the edge, but I could see where I might have a problem with it eventually. Noted.

My dance studio is another example. For whatever reason, I’ve been noticing when they’ve cleaned. Not to say that they have never cleaned before, but I’ve become hyper-aware of when bleach has been mopped through the bathroom floors. Almost to the point that I need to leave or stand in another room. Usually my comment to my teacher upon walking in is, oh… you’ve cleaned again. Obviously. But now I feel like I’ve burned a hole through my nostrils and I need to go practice. Delightful.

None of this compared to the last two days at the office. My co-worker/office mate brought in her lunch from an outside source that remains unknown. It involved garlic. And onions. Or maybe just garlic. I couldn’t tell. I nearly threw up. My eyes watered from just it sitting on her desk covered. It was as though someone had cut onions at my desk. I discretely asked her to get it out of the office because I just couldn’t handle it anymore. (It’s now fermenting in our fridge.)

Co-worker two brought in oatmeal with peaches in it for breakfast today. Another co-worker commented that it smelled like donuts in the office. Hm. Interesting. To me, it smelled like chemicals. Sweet. Tangy. Chemicals. WTF? I gagged all morning.

I don’t know if I can really blame the vitamins since I feel like I’ve been taking them too long to just NOW get side effects. However, if this is a precursor to what I can expect during pregnancy? F-this. I’m working from home for 9 months.


One thought on “The Curse of Pre-Natal Vitamins

  1. beanie says:

    Oh yuck! I once started to get so sensitive to the smell/look/thought of raw meat, I’d make myself sick. It was short-lived, thankfully. Wasn’t pregnancy related, but apparently it is common in pregnant women! Good luck 🙂

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