Con Flu Part 2

I spent the majority of last week in the bay area chatting up people on one of my client’s apps at a massive convention. The problem with open-to-the-public trade shows is the people that walk through really can be anyone. With any sort of ailment. Combined with strange hours, exhaustion, exposure to elements, odd sleeping arrangements, and all around rude people, you have a higher chance of walking out of a convention with more than just useless trade show swag.

I tried to limit my late nights to nothing I couldn’t handle the following morning. Even after the potential for career suicide for not heading to after parties until 2 am, I still got saddled with a case of nastiness come Sunday afternoon (during Superbowl). It’s fairly light (for now) so working from home and cancelling all dance related items for the next few days should allow for a quick recovery. In theory, this should be nothing like the Walking Dead moments I had back in October.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s 5:00 pm and I’m due for a nap or something. Or maybe some of that honey-lemon-water concoction I found on Pinterest. (Which sounded a whole lot better than gargling hydrogen peroxide… for reals… #12. Yikes.)


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