Approaching Cyborg Status

I was going to post something today more volatile based on a conversation from last night, but I’ll save it. This really deserves its own post.

So I broke down and asked Medtronic to send me one of these:


Yep. I’ll be a CGMer sometime soon. Sadly, I won’t be able to get my Revel pump because I still have a functioning, CGM ready, pump under warranty. But I did call today and place my order. The insurance rep is supposed to call me next week. In theory, this should all be covered 100% by my insurance since I spent my deductible earlier this year. I check multiple times a day, so it’s not like I need to be conditioned to calibrate my sensor.

Now I’ll prepare to join the ranks of Toaster-dom because I’ll be toting around, yet another, battery powered device that is worth more than my left leg. At least this one doesn’t have another wire to mess around with. Just another sensor to insert.

Honestly though, if I’m kept alive by a series of electronics and machines, can I at least look like them?


Happy Friday!


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