Swing, Swang, Swung


First – a shameless blog note. I officially have 50 followers. Yay! I mean, I know there are others that follow via other means (RSS feeds, etc), but Word Press now says I have 50 via the Word Press feed or via email. So hello all!

I spent my weekend living the swing convention dream by trying to fit in lots of late night dancing, socializing, and competing into 4 days. Half the time was spent corralling my blood sugar control. All efforts proved to be ineffective. Lots of unexplained lows paired with extreme rebounds. (Much like… aha!… a swing.)

This would have been a fantastic weekend to use a CGM… which will apparently be here on Friday. (sigh)

I tried to do a reduced temp basal, but the problem with swing conventions is that it’s not a steady stream of activity to warrant that kind of a reduction. I’ll dance for 15 minutes straight, then stop for another 45 to watch a contest. And then maybe 5 minutes of dancing in between. Since I appear to be way sensitive to basal rates, a 5% reduction sends my sugars into unsafe territory. But – as soon as I correct, I’m hypoglycemic. I went through about 2 full rolls of glucose tabs, a lot of fruit snacks and granola bars. And in a rare moment, I found it necessary to shoot a packet of sugar. Which was disgusting. You just do what you gotta do, I guess.

I did realize that, now that my morning basals are fixed, my breakfast bolus rate is now too high. That’s been reduced to start my week with. (And that sort of worked this morning.)

Also – bacon and eggs taste pretty good at midnight.


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