Loco Coconut!

My instructor’s birthday is Friday. He’s allergic to everything. (Well, maybe just everything delicious.) So bringing baked goods to the studio becomes an extra fun challenge! But hey, it benefits me since most baked alternatives are lower in sugar and carbs… score!

Anyway, I tried a paleo recipe for a low carb, non-dairy treat. I even went out and bought coconut flour, which is crazy expensive. But – low carb. Sigh. Fine. Take my money.

My recipe of choice were some chocolate chip cookies from this blog, which were stolen from this blog. Oddly enough, the photos in each respective blog look nothing alike so I really didn’t have an accurate reference point. I chose the first recipe because the blogger went on and on about how this recipe doesn’t suck.



My cookies look more like the latter blog.

My experience:
– I’ve never worked with coconut oil before. I also don’t know the difference between raw honey and organic clover honey. I figured there wasn’t. I might have melted the oil a bit too well, but again, I had no idea.
– The dough is super crumbly. Like fall apart in your hands and onto the floor crumbly. You really have to work it into a ball and then flatten it without it splitting down the sides. Coconut flour doesn’t flatten, so what you shape your dough into is what you’ll cook.
– I felt like it needed more liquid. Crumbly dough is usually a result of something being too dry. But – wasn’t sure what to add.
– The recipe made exactly 24 cookies and started burning at 10 minutes in the oven. (Not 12.)


The taste is deceiving. If you expect to bite into this awesome Nestle Tollhouse, step away from this recipe and don’t look back. With all of the coconut content, I honestly felt like I was eating a macaroon. They aren’t too dry, but definitely not the butter and sugar rich cookie I’m used to.

Are they edible? Sure! They got the husband stamp of approval. And I’m excited that they are mostly low carb. (You can’t really get away from semi sweet chocolate chips.)




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