Post 100: Stairs


It’s my 100th post! Thanks for following along. I’ve had other blogs before, but most of them went by the wayside because I just explored everything. Now that I have a focus (and goal), it’s much easier to write. And I’m glad a bunch of you still like to listen to me complain about “being special.”

So why stairs? Couple reasons:

1) Physical: I strained the ligaments in my left knee because I tried to make them twist sideways during a ballroom class. I figured I was doing something odd half way through and got a correction, but apparently asked the question too late. The damage was done. I’m taking a dance break for a bit and hobbling around in a brace. Walking is okay. And then I approach my office, where senior management and the lunch room are both upstairs. Can’t exactly “run upstairs for a quick bite” anymore.

2) Mental: I got an additional job at the studio as a receptionist to try and make up for the lost income. I start training today. I haven’t been a cashier/receptionist in years. I’m sure it’ll all come back, but again, it’s new procedures, phone greetings and systems. (And an exercise in holding my tongue as I try not to offer unwarranted advice on established processes that I may not find efficient.)

3) Diabetes management: Now that I’ve reached my 6.1% A1C, you’d think my docs would be over themselves excited and I could start baby dancing any time now. Nope. When I saw my primary care dr. yesterday, she was quite confused as to why I was still taking my Pills. (Yes – I’m aware it doesn’t work like that, thanks.) I explained my endocrinologist didn’t want me to move forward until I was in better control.

Her response: You have a 128 average – that’s not good enough?? 
Me: …………………………
Her: Oh wait – why was your random glucose test 218 mg/dl?

The problem is that I still spike and drop like a Japanese roller coaster. They probably cancel each other out to a 128 average. To give myself credit though – there have been more instances were I seem to stay around the 120 range safely for extended periods of time. I’m also checking the BGs like I’m already pregnant. (I can whip through a vial of 25 in two days now.) So the highs come down faster, in theory. But my endo still wants me to have pre meal sugars under 100 and post meals under 130. The last six months of diet experimentation haven’t really changed my insulin reaction time. Though – I’m editing my settings daily now because of it. (I better not hear that I’m not ready for the daily changes during pregancy. Ha!)

4) Cyborg status: I get plugged in next Tuesday. I have some research to do and steps to cover before I see the trainer. Finally some much need clarity.

Til then…


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