Oddly Fashionable


Pump 3.0 is here and it’s purple! But I couldn’t just let the purple flag fly alone on this one even though it matches just about everything in my wardrobe!

I’ve also had a Skin from Medtronic for the last couple of years that did NOT match my Pepto pump 1.0 at all.

photo copy 2

Tah-dah! So much better. (Well… not the double arrows, but I just had lunch and recovered from a low.)

Is the new pump working better? Too early too tell. However, I did get my first Calibration Error, which generally indicates that the blood sugar picked up on the sensor is wildly different from the one on the meter. Last night my pump said I was running much higher than I was. (200 vs. 100. Not even close.) So I stayed up until I was supposed to calibrate (midnight) and attempted to correct. Alarms everywhere. Also – no one told me that the sensor basically has to start from scratch after one of those errors. So I was up until 1 am worrying that I broke the damn thing… again.

The sensor is also picking up my post meal spikes more accurately.

Good signs, I suppose? Just wish they would tell me I was low faster. Even with my alarms going off at anything below 80, it still missed that 55 I had before lunch. Sigh. Not quite there yet.

Despite my friend’s claims, I don’t intend to continue to sabotage my equipment every two months.

I also purchased this:

photo copy

Yup – a custom medical alert bracelet and tag. I’ve spent a lot of money on really cheap bracelets that only say “DIABETIC” on them. Doesn’t really do much good if you are out in the wild with only your cell phone. (It’s a bad habit, I know.) And since they are cheap, they rust/fall off/unclasp/get stuck on my partner’s clothes/etc. Lauren’s Hope has lots of cute bracelets and ID tags if you want an investment piece. But I figured the only other ID I owned was from when I was a teen, so it was probably time to get a new one. I also got a “dress up” one with white swarovski beads. So excited.

And in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day:


Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes! Slightly modified. I used a combination of this recipe and this recipe, plus a couple other mods. (Wheat flour instead of regular flour. Stevia packets instead of sugar. Bailey’s IS dairy, so only half the batch were completely dairy free. And I used Scottish Blend whiskey. Because I’m cheap.)



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