Friday Fun Bits

Oye. So glad this week is over. And hell, this month for that matter. I don’t really have enough for a full post, so here are some small tidbits for your weekend.

  • I’ve spent the last couple months helping a European client plan a giant party in San Francisco. It was last night. While there were points during the planning that seriously made me reconsider ever becoming an event coordinator by choice, the event mostly went off without a hitch and my bosses are getting requests for them (read: me) to plan THEIR parties later this year. Apparently this is an art form only the demented few can appreciate. (Thanks?)
  • The event featured a live act that we imported from Sweden that I’m sure sounded like a great idea at the time of booking, but turned into an audio visual cash cow. I come from the non-profit world where barely had enough money to drop LCD projectors ourselves. This act required a van-full of electronics that easily could have paid for the catering at one of my old seminars. So many lights, plugs and wires.
  • Speaking of the act, they are one of the number one entertainment acts… in Europe. I affectionately called them the “spandex and lasers” band, because if Blue Man Group, Transiberian Orchestra and Def Leopard had an awkward love child, it would be them. While the partial international crowd enjoyed the show, our US-based attendees wondered if they took a wrong turn down the rabbit hole. Bonus – no one went blind during the laser show and the fog machines didn’t set off any fire sprinklers.
  • Diabetes related: I meet with Medtronic again on Monday because “something is just WRONG” with my CGM unit. My last working sensor expired after 4.5 days and I have yet to insert another successful one. I’ve been flying blind for the sake of my sanity. Plus those sensors hurt like hell going in… why continue to torture myself with unnecessary pokes that I have to yank out later because the ISIG value never reaches above 8.5.
  • World wide news related: The CDC released a new study today about there is no link between vaccinating your little ones and autism. So, no we still don’t have anything to really blame for the unfortunate cases of children falling into the spectrum. However, would I rather risk autism for my future child, or measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, and a battery of other crazy illnesses that we poke our kids for? I’m not going to answer that because… well there isn’t an easy answer. Sometimes isht just happens. (Kinda like Type 1 Diabetes.) But – I think I’d opt for one specialty and prevent 20 others. (Even though I don’t think flu shots actually work.)
  • Have a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate that sort of thing. At the very least, make an excuse to enjoy a meal with friends or a chocolate bunny. Hopefully spring has sprung. (Around here, it already feels like summer. Meh…)

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