#WW: Version 2.0


Hardware update #2 seems to be okay so far. It’s been over 12 hours and I still have an ISIG rating over 10. Barely. But it’s there. (For the record, I want it to be over 10. During testing my old transmitter, my ISIG values were ZERO!) <knocks wood>

Also, I didn’t get to post these on Sunday, but I’m super proud of them, even though it didn’t take very long to do:


I called them Sugar Rushes… because these are one way tickets to DKA-ville! And the sad part is that they were gone in two days. None of them consumed by me thankyouverymuch. Though, I’m concerned about the gal who chose to eat FOUR of them.

Also – if you have three Peeps, it’ll bring up a hypo just as fast as glucose tabs. If not more.


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