Where is Jen?

Funny how that now that I have all of this free time, I can’t seem to bring myself to sit and blog about it. 

Hi. I’m Jen. I still exist. I’m still unemployed. Sort of.

Let’s be real though. I’ve spent a majority of my mornings combing through CraigsList and Simply Hired ads, sending off my resume to jobs I don’t really want, but need for survival. (Read: medical insurance.) Yeah – I know. It’s probably a little bit of career suicide to fall off from a senior non-management position into an entry level admin position, but I don’t really have a choice. 

In the mean time, I do have an interview on Monday for a part time position. Which probably won’t pay squat and require me to stand in the elements during the extreme parts of summer. But – I’ll go to get back into the swing of things. (There also has to be a reason WHY they called in a CMP for an event assistant job, so I’m mildly curious.) I’ve also picked up a few more hours at the studio to keep me busy/motivated. But – 8 hours of work a week is not enough. Hopefully the EDD will understand that and still offer me my hard earned tax dollar funded benefits. 

I’ve been advised to look into contract work and other part time positions to make ends meet and have been figuring out ways to cut back. No more manicures, shopping excursions and other fancy things until the paychecks start rolling in again. At least we can still pay our mortgage and bills. (I have medical through the month… let’s hope COBRA isn’t atrocious.)

I’ve been trying to fill my time with as much activity as possible because when I don’t, my mind idles and I get depressed. I pretty much wanted to waste away under my covers on Wednesday because I just didn’t want to face more non-responses to my emailed cover letters, the endless pile of applications, and answering the same damn questions over and over again. All the while, having your professional references tell you how “you’ll bounce back fast…” and “you won’t be unemployed for long; you are too talented and someone needs you on staff…” Yeah – tell that to the other 300 people that apply for these jobs. 

At least insurance companies think I’d be a worthy candidate. Their macros keep sending me emails saying I should be an agent based on my resume posted online. However, the email says to send in a resume. Ha. Cute. 

The other side effect of unemployment that I find odd? The fact that I’m tired. All. the. time. I’m not really sure why beyond the fact that my CGM wakes me up quite often. (Last night – I was up around 5 times.) But for not dealing with cranky clients and co-workers, I really shouldn’t be this exhausted. But – interrupted sleep isn’t very restful I guess. (At least I’ll be ready for when kids start showing up.)

Until next time…


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