There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, eh?

I’d like to just comment on the generosity of friends and family. I’ve been out and about a bunch so that I don’t go stir crazy. Mostly to meet with people connected in a variety of different places that might contact me if a job pops up. I’ve been wined and dined. People buy me drinks… buy me lunches… breakfast… coffee. I can’t complain really, but it’s starting to feel a bit uncomfortable being treated to everything. Like the “thank you” after the meal and the company isn’t an equal payback. I don’t want to be a charity case and I know this won’t last forever… but, when will people stop feeling sorry for me and start to wonder why I’m no longer a productive member of society?

Of course, when my COBRA bills start rolling in, I’m sure I’ll want as many free meals as possible. (Because I won’t have them otherwise, I suppose.)

Off to do more interviews…


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