Accessorizing: You’re Doing It “Wrong.”

It’s SHOW WEEK! The week when my sleep schedule and free time suddenly disappear, even as a semi-employed individual. (Work yesterday seemed like another hamster wheel day. Spin. Spin. Spin. Nothing happens.) Throw in the two job interviews I need to sit through this week, and I’m pretty zonked when I come home. (Seriously, talking about yourself for 1 hour straight is mind numbing.)

The good news is that May Show is awesome and totally worth the gas money, time, effort and exhaustion and I may have a job offer soon. Hopefully. *feverishly knocks wood*

I’d just like to take a moment to point out some funny-ish photos that I was tagged in from our Tech Rehearsal last Sunday.

I am still donning my insulin pump, mostly because I don’t want to be on Lantus for very long. And my v waltz costume is fairly complicated to get into, will all of its straps in strange places to make sure I don’t expose myself to my nearest and dearest. It’s a tricky one, but suits the piece well. Placing the pump effectively without getting tangled was quite important.

See, here is the dress.



Yay pretty! And since it was tech rehearsal, no one would be taking photos of my piece yet, right? So I awkwardly placed my pump on my backside instead of disconnecting. (I was already having basal/bolus issues and Techs can take a long time.)



Oops. An unwanted cameo. I also have no idea what I’m doing in this photo, dance wise. (I’ll need to fix that tomorrow, I guess.)

There you go. Proof that I am battery powered, even when dancing.


5 thoughts on “Accessorizing: You’re Doing It “Wrong.”

  1. Anonymous Lurker says:

    Sad I’m going to miss seeing you in that dress. I will say, though, I kind of like the look of the pump showing. I think it’s a nice kick to other people’s consciousness that everyone comes from a different background. Why hide who you are? (Unless it’s dangerous for it to be hanging out…)

    • seejendance says:

      There are always DVDs. And while I stay attached if I can, this routine is a bit risky for me to have it just sort of hanging out there. Even if M is careful, it’s just safer to disconnect.

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