Mixed Feelings

The hubs and I are heading home from vacation, taking reprieve in one of the many coffee shops in Seattle.

It’s been a roller coaster of an extended weekend.

My blood sugars had been extending into the hypo range moreso than usual. Sure – we were hoofing all over Seattle to avoid car rentals, but still. Lots of strange, unexpected lows that my CGM wasn’t catching. (In its defense, it was day 6.5.)

I was also late. Really late.

Nervous and excited, I swung by the Target on the way back to our hotel room and spent the longest 5 minutes of my life in the bathroom.

The test was negative. Really, really negative. (And the following day, it was re-confirmed negative.)

This same day, my boss and dance studio director released the announcement to the patrons that she would be closing our doors at the end of July to focus on her health and family. As an employee, I found out from a personal phone call on Sunday after waiting in the Seattle airport for my husband’s flight. I met him in baggage claim in tears. (Hello to you too, sunshine!) But – this didn’t make it any easier as I watched my fellow dance friends express sadness and bewilderment on their Facebook walls and I could do nothing but offer words from afar. I expect a lot of hugs upon my return.

So what now? As far as we know, the teachers and dance team are all moving to an undecided establishment together. Somewhere that doesn’t require one of them to be a business owner. So – there are plans to continue our obsession education, hopefully in a similar manner. I have my doubts and worries, of course; as does everyone else. And part of me hoped that the test would have been positive so it would have been that much easier to give it up.

As it stands, there are lots of unknowns and questions that I don’t think anyone has answers to. For the time being, we pick up our pieces and move along.


3 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings

  1. theperfectd says:

    I’m sorry that the test was negative – this month. And I’m sorry that you’re going to have to deal with more uncertainty in the next few months. I’m not going to give you platitudes. Just know that I’m in your corner.

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