Juicebox Hero

I woke up this morning with a fasting BG of 85, which is like the first normal sugar I’ve seen in the morning for a while. Nevermind that I had to wake up at 2 am to correct a 147, but… I guess that’s better than I’ve been trending recently.

Exercise does wonders apparently as I discovered last night. Maybe it works a little too well.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve somehow convinced myself that competing “one last time” in ballroom is a good idea. (Said this last year too… but let’s be honest, I thought I would have a kid by now. I don’t… so…)

So I’ve turned up the pressure on myself and I’m hanging out at the studio a lot more to “practice” and meet with my instructor. (Practicing usually entails me starting to learn my tango choreography for about 5 minutes, forgetting how a pattern went and giving up shortly after.) Last night was more tango; ideally for clarification.

My meeting wasn’t until after 7, so I had plenty of time to enjoy the meal my hubby was prepping when I got home. I had just recovered from another low as I was leaving work, but was recovering to a 134 by the time I had dinner. (And had previously bolused for the snack I had in addition to the 15 grams I ate to treat the low.) I accounted for my meal (around 35 grams of carbs or so), ate, grabbed my stuff and headed off to dance.

On the car ride over, I started feeling “funny.” You know that feeling. It’s the “ah, crap, the BGs are dropping at a steady rate and I’m in a moving vehicle on the freeway/already late for my next appointment” feeling. But I just ate. Hmph. Rather than risk passing out on the freeway, I threw some glucose tabs down and continued my 20 minute trip to the studio. I figure if I was incorrect in my assumption, I can correct for it later.

My BG upon arrival was 86 mg/dl. Fine. I guess I needed those tabs. I set a temp basal for my lesson and start warming up. No less than 20 minutes into the lesson, I’m starving. And tango is making less sense than it should. I mean, it already doesn’t make sense… but it REALLY wasn’t making sense at that point. I excuse myself (which seems to be a common practice these days) to find out what the magic number on my meter is.

58 mg/dl.


I keep a stash of apple juice boxes in the fridge at the studio for hypo episodes I experience while behind the desk. (It’s just quicker to get back to work with a juice box than a mouthful of glucose tabs.) I pop out of the office with box in hand and momentum stops for a minute. I get the “oh, good, I didn’t need you to die on me today” look from my instructor and we take another break. Nearly 32 years old and I’m chugging down a juice box faster than a thirsty 3 year old… in public. Thankfully, I skipped buying the ones with the cartoon animals on it this time around.

I finished off the night (even test ran a new dress), went home and still somehow managed to keep my BGs under 100 until I went to sleep. I got nervous about the 95 I had before bed, and with 1.2 units OB. My CGM was charging, so I had no safety net. Given my trend today, I’d rather treat a high at 2 am, so I had a small glass of milk and called it a night.

I’m not really sure what’s going on. Dangerous insulin stacking? Maybe. Seems logical. I’m just kind of sick of processed juice in cardboard.


5 thoughts on “Juicebox Hero

  1. Jessi Panke says:

    I feel the same way about juice boxes and starbursts as you do about the juice. So annoying I know! Good luck and post something if you figure out your lows because I’m having the same issues and don’t know why.

    • seejendance says:

      It could be a variety of things. My CDE just told me last time that since I’m trying to run so close to baseline, (80), I’m bound to see more lows. Super comforting. Sigh.

  2. Scott E says:

    For some reason, I tend to prefer chalky orange-flavored tablets to cardboardy apple-flavored liquids. But it all works the same (sort of), and I’m sure you’ll regain control.

    Meanwhile, I’ve now got a Foreigner song stuck in my head. Thanks for the creative title!

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