Saturday DOC Poll

Because I’m insanely curious…

I posted this question on Twitter and didn’t get much response. Probably because Twitter can be a huge black hole sometimes.

But really, what do you do? I’m all about keeping good hygiene, even at 3 am. Plus, waking up with a sour taste in your mouth just sucks.

However, as a young child and was a pro at drinking juice in my sleep via straw, my parents used to just give me water to wash down. Later in life, I’ve had a number of issues with the enamel in my teeth thinning, but I’m not sure if that’s an exposure to OJ acids problem, or a diabetes problem. (Because if I have diabetes, clearly that’s the root cause of EVERYTHING wrong with me, right?)



7 thoughts on “Saturday DOC Poll

  1. Scott E says:

    I said no, but I never treat an overnight low with juice. The glucose tabs on my nightstand are the go-to choice for me. In general, I’ll put the tabs toward the back of my mouth and let them dissolve, rather than let them come in contact with my teeth.

  2. lucypieee says:

    All I want to do after a late night / middle of the night low is sleep, so I generally don’t get up (as I have my hypo treatments next to / under my bed).

      • fifteenwaitfifteen says:

        LOL – girl, I can’t even remember the last time I drank OJ. Way too acidic for my stomach. I love orange-flavored things (like Brisk Sugarfree Orangeade, which I can’t find anywhere anymore 😦 ) but it has to be super watered down. And for me, it went both ways – yucky taste of toothpaste after OJ or yucky OJ after toothpaste.

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