If there is one thing I’ve learned about being attached to all these devices, it’s that I’m stubborn as hell. Especially when it comes to keeping my sets and sensors in tact when I should really be tossing them in the trash.

It’s not so much the money, but fact that I’ve wasted a poke and another sensor or another reservoir, or another vial of insulin. So as I sit here with a sensor that has gone nuclear in my right hip and it stings every time something barely grazes it, the smart thing I could have done this morning is rip it out. But I didn’t. I figure I spent all last night “marinating” and the sensor has a decent ISIG value, I’m not tossing it. (However, I am watching for signs of infection… I’m not that stupid.) This, coupled with an infusion set that stings as insulin is being administered, it is making for a very uncomfortable Friday.

But it’s the time, hassle, and prep that somehow justifies my pain. Do I really want to try and find ANOTHER space for my sensor because the real estate I can use on my abdomen and get concrete readings is limited? Nope.

Guess I’m a glutton for punishment. And I’m sure some leader this evening will accidentally brush the sensor during a social dance, I’ll grimace in pain and then finally be convinced to change out the sensor. Maybe.


One thought on “Marinating

  1. fifteenwaitfifteen says:

    Which is why I never went over to using the Medtronic CGM and kept my Dexcom instead. I can wear the Dexcom for 14 days easy, and sometimes even 21 days if I don’t get in the pool or crush the sensor site on something to make it give up sooner. I know it doesn’t interact with my Medtronic pump, but I appreciate the lack of having to find new sensor sites every few days. I wish Medtronic would get rid of their CGM and work to integrate with the Dexcom instead!

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