Why You’ll Probably Never “See Jen Dance”

Inspired by a question I got on DSMA Chat last week.

I know, I know… I talk about dancing and practicing my craft a lot. I even throw a photo at you here and there. But there are reasons why you’ll probably never see a video of my dancing up on the interwebz in this public forum. (My checkbook, my hubby, and I can all assure you though – I dance quite often and those photos are legit.)

1) The Choreography is not mine – I do a lot of routines, show dances, and performances. I have all of those sessions and performances on record in some form or another. But out of respect for those more creative than I, I try not to blast anything out into the open because I’m simply a piece in this artist’s (or in some cases, artists’) puzzle. Obviously, I’d give choreography credit where it was due, but that won’t stop someone with less integrity from copying the choreography for their own routine. Thus, it stays off the public ‘net. (I have, with permission, posted to my private social media accounts before, however.)

2) The Video is not mine – 9 times out of 10, my routines or competitions are recorded professionally that I’m forced to purchase in order to maintain some sort of record. I almost never buy my swing comp vids (mostly because I never make finals where it matters), and the last ballroom comp DVD I bought stayed at the bottom of my dance bag until a few weeks ago. (And ruled by my teacher as moot because my dancing has changed dramatically since last year.) Yanking the clips of me and posting them online would violate their copyright and I’d be asked to remove it or worse. (Though I doubt it since I’m not a high level pro, but still!)

3) I’m not dancing by myself – It takes two to tango… and west coast swing… and foxtrot… and… you get the idea. I’ve never formally asked my instructor(s) or partners for permission to post videos on my blog. Of my team, only my main ballroom instructor follows this blog. (Or knows about it.)

4) But the Photos!? – They’ve either been purchased from a professional photographer that already uploaded them to the web or posted all over the interwebz already via Facebook, et. al. When my blog following reaches the quadruple digits, then I’ll reconsider how many photos I throw online. I assume, that by this point, I’d be asked to remove posts if it were a problem with the folks involved. But it’s free advertising for a career path that requires your face to be recognizable. (Okay – if you start seeing posts disappear, you’ll know I got emailed. Haha.)

5) I’m a perfectionist – No video will ever be good enough to post online in a public forum. Ever. (Cue whining now.)

6) Privacy, or Lack Thereof – For some reason, not posting my movements, laughter (I apparently giggle a LOT during practice), voice, where I’m dancing, and likelihood online in that format feels like it’s keeping that part of me private for those that can actually see me. I know – nothing is private anymore, but let me revel in that thought? K? Thanks.


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