Friday Five: Crazy Weekend Edition

Hola Blog Fans! I have one hell of a weekend planned, so here is a short summary of the life that is Jen:

1) Noted: Deep fried fruit is impossible to carb count. Hubs and I went to our State Fair yesterday and I’m pretty sure everything I consumed was deep fried in something. And I’m not really sure the chicken strips I had were real chicken. But that’s beside the point. We tried deep fried pineapple, which was underwhelming, and deep fried watermelon, which was surprisingly light and refreshing. It didn’t have the thickly coated, corndog-like breaded “what is this isht?” mess on it either. But – since it was deep fried and fruit, I bolused “appropriately.” Combined with random ass bolus amounts and walking EVERYWHERE to find the damn station that sold it, I dropped into the 60s at around 10:45 pm. Fine. Treated. Back to bed. CGM finally alarmed a half hour later and meter said 55. Ugh.

2) My CGM is also has a mind of its own this week. My results aren’t consistent at all. My usual even keel lines have been replaced by tiny roller coasters – which aren’t even accurate. My favorite was an overnight high alarm that indicated I was 352 and rising dramatically. About 15 minutes earlier per the CGM, I was 153. Meter said 283, so I was supposed to correct. But – yeah. Weird.

3) My husband admitted that my overnight alarms often wake him and the cats up before they actually wake me up. Good to know?

4) My schedule for the next few days is as follows: Get off 9-5 job at 4:30 pm, find dinner and head to studio for meeting and desk shift, perform and whatever until midnight, maybe help clean up, go home around 1 am, sleep, wake up around 9, pack again to volunteer at another dance event 2 hours away, go to sleep around 2 am, get up around 9, drive back home, take choreography lesson at 2:30 with Ron Montez (ballroom and Latin coach), practice with instructor again at 4 pm, drive home at 5:30 pm, sleep… maybe?

5) I’ll be posting on Monday to participate in the “Check-in.” Basically – if you are reading this blog, comment and tell me that you are alive. I’ll even allow anonymous comments. I have 100+ followers (woo!) but it’d be nice to know that you exist and you aren’t a robot. (Only I can be battery powered around here, thanks.)

Have a good weekend!


5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Crazy Weekend Edition

  1. John Linstrum says:

    >> if you are reading this blog, comment and tell me that you are alive

    Yep, I read every post (by email). Sometimes I think about commenting, but usually I’m reading on my phone or tablet where typing is a huge pain.

    • seejendance says:

      Hehe – technically, I’m supposed to write a new post today and people are supposed to “check in” that way. But – I have to write it still. 🙂 Thanks though!

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