Friday Five: Multi-Media Edition

Hola fans! It’s Friday! Thank goodness. It’s the first weekend in a while that I have NOTHING planned. So I full intend to sit on my ass and watch movies for two days straight. Maybe. (I guess I’ll throw some housework in there too.)

1) I haven’t had a clean “install” of a sensor since last week, so I’ve been avoiding it until this morning. My last attempt was on no-no zone – the left side of my abdomen. I’ve never had luck placing a sensor there because of my rock solid abs 20+ years of scar tissue. I tried it Tuesday night and it never picked up a good signal, so it was out by Wednesday evening. It was bent in half.

2) I grabbed everything I could possibly need for my semi-long day today… except for a new vial of strips. I have two left to last me until 6:30 pm. I just started a new sensor. And I have a lesson later. I guess I AM going home at lunch.

3) Briley posted JDRF’s new PR video this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed what their creative team put together. Short, positive, and to the point. No dementors needed. (I’m looking at YOU World Diabetes Day.)

4) The studio experienced a bit of Murphy’s Law yesterday. It was the first day we were open under the new ownership and we were optimistic that things would go off without a hitch. It was also the day that ALL TECHNOLOGY FAILED. So – no credit card machines… no phones… no internet… I’ve never been so excited to see people write checks in my life.

5) Oh. This video. How can you NOT have a happy Friday after watching this?


2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Multi-Media Edition

  1. fifteenwaitfifteen says:

    Thigh placement of sensors = work for me way better than stomach sites EVER did! I use the sides-towards the backs. I have quite ample thighs, so real estate issues may not come into play for many years, and the numbers the Dexcom gives me have been amazingly accurate 🙂

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