Wish I Were Here… Mostly


So, in true Jen fashion, I didn’t exactly sit on my ass all weekend. The hubs and I accepted a last minute invite to spend time in Lake Tahoe. Some friends of mine own a cabin with a fantastic view, tucked away near the middle of nowhere. (Sort of… we still had cell phone reception.) A number of other friends were invited up to enjoy a weekend away, complete with hikes, star gazing on the deck, home cooked meals, and a trip to the beach/lake.

My weekend wasn’t complete without diabetes drama. I spent most of Saturday night battling lows on three separate wake ups in the wee hours of the morn. The odd thing was that I’d set a temp basal and treat the low and my sugars would start to rise safely. As soon as the temp basal was complete, I’d fall into the 50s again. On the third wake up, I turned my basal rate down a notch and ate a full snack without insulin to just get my sugars safely to the morning. This wouldn’t have caused as dramatic of a jump, but my cannula kinked some time between the 46 mg/dl, the basal change, and the morning.

Lots of over-correction, a set change, 2 injections, and a light brunch = 67 mg/dl two hours later. And then… ahh… stability! Finally.

There were some nice points of the weekend, of course. Like munching on snacks all Saturday afternoon and not breaking 200. Or enjoying a nearly carb free dinner and not dropping into oblivion. And of course, catching a couple shooting stars passing overhead, seeing the Milky Way, Venus and Saturn, and listening to some poor sap struggle with playing a tuba on the beach. (Yeah, we didn’t understand it either.)

And since today’s workday was a bummer, I really want to go back.


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