A Missing Link

31vxY3W6QTL._SL500_SL160_Well, I’ve waited long enough I guess. I finally broke down and bought a data cable for my OneTouch UltraLink meter so I can sync my readings to Carelink. This comes after the half hour conversation with my CDE who couldn’t, again, pinpoint any patterns to fix based on my (slightly inaccurate) CGM readings alone. Since I test myself around 15-20 times a day, I can’t manually enter all of those readings into my pump… especially during a low. (And I can’t wirelessly sync my meter to my Paradigm, because it’ll want to calibrate.) So she felt that my CGM wasn’t telling her the whole picture. (Obviously!)

So I bit the bullet and dropped $40++ on a glorified USB cable. (I guess there is software to go with it… which is dumb, but the Carelink site still runs on an old version of Java, so I guess it comes with the territory.)

It’s not a perfect solution, because the pump and glucose meters won’t combine results for my CDE to download… but it beats having to drop into my doctor’s office every week.

I also get to pick a week to write down everything I consume and my reasons for giving the insulin dosage that I did.

I also purchased lancets, on my own, for the first time ever. They’ve always been donated to me or I’ve never gone through them enough to purchase, or they came with a freebie meter. But I was only given 10 Delica lancets and I didn’t install my remaining new one properly (i.e. I bent it in half).


5 thoughts on “A Missing Link

  1. lifeafterdiabetes says:

    Hey Jen,

    Just caught onto blogging and saw your posts… Love your story and your approach. You remind me of myself! Enjoy your posts and POV. You have inspired me and have started my own blog finally.

  2. Kelley says:

    You can tell your pump not to calibrate from your meter…it should pop up an option that says do you want to calibrate so that way your meter can connect to your pump and ultimately to the Carelink software 🙂

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