I can’t draw straight lines with rulers

My CGM can, however,

Just under my high-alarm threshold. For the last three days.

For reasons all too familiar for the female PWDs, I haven’t been running my best and it’s starting to wear on me. It got to a point that I changed my infusion set at 3 am after an additional over-correction that didn’t work 2 hours earlier, a 135%  overnight basal rate for three hours, plus an injection of the same correction I administered with the pump.

I woke up 37 mg/dl. But – at least I woke up!

I probably shouldn’t make wild judgements at 3 am… but I was getting up every 2 hours to clear a high alarm that wasn’t budging and I wanted to sleep. And when there wasn’t a high alarm, I was checking my CGM to see if my correction(s) were working every 5 minutes so I really wasn’t sleeping anyway.

The site change may have been helpful because I managed to get a 90 at around lunch time. But my mornings are still incredibly resistant to all drugs. Maybe this is my body’s not so subtle way of telling me to find something different for breakfast.


4 thoughts on “I can’t draw straight lines with rulers

  1. Scott E says:

    There must be something in the air this week. Earlier in the week, I spent the entire night just above my high threshold, leading to alarms and corrections (which didn’t correct) all night. The next night, I spent all night just below the line, but the obligatory time-to-wake-up spike put me above it — and kept me there. I felt like crap all day both days.

    Changed infusion sets. Changed insulin vials (was nearly empty anyway). Just now, thing seem to be starting to fall into place. Maybe the heat of summer is to blame…

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