31 Years

I know it’s supposed to be Wordless Wednesday… and yesterday was apparently No-D-Day… but I get a little somber around the beginning of October. And frankly, yesterday, my mind was so focused on Covered California benefits, health care, and Federal Shutdowns and their effect on my blood sugars. (I actually just had my set sitting in some nonabsorbent scar tissue – but it was still fun to blame Congress for my crappy D-Day anyway.)

Somewhere around this time, about 31 years ago, I was diagnosed with T1. I know I was 13 months old and it was in October. Since I was so little, and I haven’t really looked through the records my parents kept lately and since I was so little, it didn’t really impact my life as hard since I really don’t remember my life previously.

But here I am… 31 years later.


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