#WW: A “Sure-T”hing?


I’m not sure yet. This is the 2nd Sure-T set I’ve tried. But so far, so good-ish.

My CDE was concerned that my odd blood sugar readings in the evenings (when I dance) are possibly attributed to my usual sets, the Quick Set, either slipping out of place during activity (causing highs) or squeezing out too much insulin (causing lows.) Plus, the real estate around my stomach is not very adequate, so I was sent samples.

The Sils I haven’t touched yet – mostly because they freak.me.out. And you’d think that having a thumb tack size needle in you 24/7 would be horrible too.

Sans the mild discomfort in the first few hours, I don’t really notice it. In fact, they are bit nicer because the set is FLAT (or close to it). So there aren’t any awkward bumps under my shirts to explain.

Blood sugar control wise? Hard to say yet. My Monday morning and most of the afternoon was a straight, uneventful line on the CGM. And it was accurate. However, I’m still having weirdness at night that can’t be pinpointed to anything.

Well, hm, that wasn’t Wordless at all…


4 thoughts on “#WW: A “Sure-T”hing?

  1. Scott E says:

    Like any set, the Sure-T has its quirks, but it has its benefits too. (Like, if you think the site “might” be bad, you can pop it out and stick it in somewhere else). I’m not sure why it’s only approved for 2-day use; I find it can remain in longer and more comfortably than a “traditional” nonstick-pan-coating Teflon cannula.

    One tip… this was *strongly* advised to me by Sara (Moments of Wonderful) when I started on the Sure-T: put half a sheet of IV3000 over the infusion site for extra adhesion. You don’t want that needle getting ripped out accidentally.

  2. Carlyn says:

    I just had to google the difference between the Sure T and the Silhouette.First of all, the Sure T has cannula sizes of 13 and 17 mm! Oh my gosh! I’ve tried the Sure T (only once) but I really didn’t mind it either, until I got to thinking about the fact that there is a needle in me all the time. Hope it helps with your unexplained highs/lows!

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