Customer Service Please



A little shout out to the folks of Glucolift.

I hate glucose tablets, but they seem to be a necessary evil as a PWD. Since I run so close to baseline, I have a tendency to drop low… a lot.

Glucolift is a brand of non-GMO glucose tablets… made by PWDs. So, they feel our pain! (Or tastebuds.) They have three awesome flavors that don’t taste like chalk and I’ve been ordering them on Amazon ever since I discovered them about a year ago.

On my most recent order, I could only find Orange Cream and Cherry in their store. (I do really like Wild Berry.) Since I was desperate, I just ordered two Cherry and an Orange.

When I received the package, I noticed the Cherry label had changed to a cute little rocket ship, while the Orange remained it’s usual Typeface logo.

So I busted open the Cherry – and was greeted by a large amount of powdery nonsense. Gross. I just vacuumed.

The Cherry tablets were softer and messier. (The Orange ones were closer to what I remembered.) And… they didn’t taste that great. Less flavor, more chalk. Ugh.

So I went on Twitter to see if they had changed their formula to something more disappointing. Someone from Glucolift wrote back, indicating that they had finished revising their formula to make the tablets dissolve quicker and that the rest of the flavors were coming out soon.

Well that sucks – I liked the old formula. Even if they were a bit crunchy.

Realizing my concern, the Twitter responder (who was actually Chris, the owner), offered to send me some samples of the other flavors. I agreed. Couldn’t hurt and would warn me if I needed to find a new hypo treatment.

Yesterday, I got the photographed contents in the mail. Two of each flavor, a business card for their customer service rep, a sticker (!), and a handwritten note from Chris.

The verdict – the Orange and Wild Berry flavors still rock. I don’t know what’s up with the Cherry.

And because the company was awesome, I’ll continue to buy.


One thought on “Customer Service Please

  1. StephenS says:

    Christopher is great… very sensitive to feedback from customers (and I get nothing for saying that). In other news, I need to order more glucose tabs. Thanks for the reminder!

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