Friday Five: WDD Aftermath Edition

Happy Friday. Hope you are still wearing blue today. 🙂

1) A friend of mine is hosting an all girls slumber party this evening. Complete with adult beverages and junk food. Super fun, right? Made me remember some of the sleep overs I didn’t have as a child. I wasn’t actually allowed to spend the night at a non family member’s home until I was in 6th grade or so. Maybe 7th. My parents hosted sleepovers in our own home, sure. But given my late night lows due to the insulin regiment at the time, my parents didn’t feel like explaining it to each and every parent that hosted a sleep over birthday party for their daughter. So I’d stay at the party until about 10 pm, and then my mom or dad would come pick me up. (Just in time for my evening shot before bed.) If they were close, I could re-join the party the following morning.

In a similar fashion, since I have a very busy weekend ahead of me and staying up until 2 am sounds like a bad idea, I’ll also be leaving the party early to sleep in my own bed.

2) I’ve been following the #Dbminesummit tag on Twitter because there appears to be a lengthy, emotional panel on insurance coverage needs for PWDs. More proof that insurance agents have no souls and my chronic condition is just their next cash cow. It’s a bit infuriating. (To put it lightly.) Especially considering the current stance on “health care for all” in this country.

3) Speaking of insurance, the topic has been a “hold your tongue” exercise on my Facebook wall. Sometimes I succeed. Other times I don’t. But anyone who thinks the pre-ACA system was fine is seriously delusional has never had a chronic condition. (And I have the medical bills to prove it.)

4) This post kind of made my day. And this one.

5) One more week until Disneyland.


4 thoughts on “Friday Five: WDD Aftermath Edition

  1. Anonymous Lurker says:

    #3 – I like to think of such people as the same types who would decry abortion publicly but take their daughters in to quietly take care of any problems that came up. You and I have already seen someone say they were going to switch to an exchange plan because it benefitted them, even though they were against the whole idea of ACA.

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