Sick Ward

I’m at the tail end of a bad cold, which has left me with a cloudy head and hacking, dry cough. (So – I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. Hey, look, my blog!)

My blood sugar average has been hanging out in the 160 range for the last few days… which is abnormal-ish right now because I typically stray in the 120 range because of all my hypos. I haven’t had a low… or blood sugar below 140… since Monday.

Yep – I’ve been sick. The strange thing is that when I had more volatile reactions to everything last year, I don’t remember seeing too much of a difference in being sick. I was just high all the time, so whether I had a cold or not didn’t make a difference.

Now I’m using temp basals to give myself more insulin – which still aren’t pushing me below my threshold. (I’m really glad I decided to take a mini vacation from my sensors this week, otherwise they’d keep me up all night.) And I still have a healthy appetite – which doesn’t help with my blood sugars at all.

Oh – and I have a show this weekend. And two holiday get togethers. Come on health!


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