Friday Five: 12 Days of Christmas Edition

Dear Me,

There are 12 days left until Christmas. Get your isht together already.


Future Me


Psh… well I’d LOVE to, but life kind of got in the way. And this cold. Ugh – this cold. I thought I was heading out of the woods, so I stopped taking my decongestant because my nose wasn’t stuffy. Nope – it just moved to my ears and head. Awesome.

At any rate, here are things that have fallen by the wayside while I recover/work/prep for show and 4 million luncheons and holiday parties/head to Jury Duty.

1) Christmas cards: I got pretty lazy with them last year because Vista Print ran a Groupon for really cheap printing. So I imprinted our names on some cards and sent those out to people. I probably won’t get that far this year. Sorry y’all. But seriously – does anyone still do Cards anymore? I much prefer getting fun, personalized cards for my friends with their gifts, but I wasn’t even able to do that this year.

2) Baking: I’m usually freakin’ Martha Stewart by this time of year. Mostly because the studio drops in attendance the week following Showcase… which is this weekend. I generally have about 5 different varieties of cookies with at least 2 or 3 allergen free types to appease the masses. And I give something to EVERYONE. I don’t think that’s happening this year. I might be lucky if I can churn out some chocolate chip cookies, but I’m not pushing my luck… or this cold.

3) Christmas shopping: I thought turning to Amazon would be the solution to all my issues. Turns out, no one know what they want for Christmas either, thus making shopping even harder. And there is just a TON of stuff on Amazon. But – I get 2 day free shipping with Prime. (No Drones, please.)

4) My blood sugar control: Well, I mean… that’s sort of a given with the holidays. However, dropping from a 262 to a 182 in a half hour… and then to a 29 3 hours later is kind of nuts. (And was my night last night.) Yay illness!

5) My patience. I don’t really have much to begin with, but something about the holidays just makes it more obvious. (See #4 again… )

Hope you have a good weekend!


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