Yeah, that’s pretty much my feeling this gloomy, Monday morning. I’ve now officially had a cold for the greater part of the last 30 days, taking a slight break for the Christmas holiday. But only barely. It’d all be fine if I couldn’t hear myself talk through the congestion in my ears.

Somehow, I did find time (albeit just a bit) to rest over the weekend and attempt to rid myself of whatever is lingering around. But, couldn’t resist trying to ballroom social dance for two hours straight on Saturday for the first time in… well, a really long time. (West Coast Swing is different.) But here we are, Monday morning, and I’m still supporting myself up with Sudafed, water, and hot tea.

My blood sugars have taken a turn for the unpredictable as since I’m sick, not dancing as consistently (or doing any exercise for that matter), and am now sitting in the last week and a half of my cycle. (At the very least, the ovulation monitor can give me some sort of idea of when my blood sugars are going to go to crap each month. The insulin resistance and odd-ball-ness seems to correlate with the new hormones. YDMV.) Guess we’ll see if the monitor was accurate at all.

Other things I learned this weekend:
– It’s not a great idea to rip out a Sure-T like you would a QuickSet infusion set. Ouch. The site still stings.
– The computers in my house are too new to support the Carelink Software. :-/ Yeah – that’s right. I bought myself a shiny new MacBook right around the holiday to replace my seven year old one. But – the Carelink software doesn’t recognize OSX 10.9! (Or Google Chrome… or newer versions of Firefox… ugh!) Since we’re predominantly a Linux household, there is no incentive to continue using Medtronic unless I want to fire up our old, finicky Windows machine. Not saying I won’t upgrade to a 530G in February, but the “doctor reporting” software that I might miss by leaving the company just became a moot point.
– The most accurate place for those Minimed sensors are the sides of my hips. In fact, I now have all sorts of fun marks there from being repeatedly stabbed with giant needles. Not really sure how to alleviate the scarring.

Lastly, the blog has a new look. It’s a bit too pink for my liking and I haven’t really given any thought to the one thing I can customize – the graphic in the side bar. (ANYTHING will be better than what it was. Yikes!)



One thought on “Ugh

  1. fifteenwaitfifteen says:

    Ugh, hate the lingering sickness! I’m in the same boat. Was sick for about a week and a half, doctor finally gave me antibiotics, did 10 days of them, still have congestion, a mild cough, and just can’t seem to feel good. Here’s hoping the new year brings us all some new health!!!

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