Saturday Six: Because I Missed Friday Five Edition

1) If you actually look at the blog, you’ll notice I’ve changed the look about 3 times in the last month. WordPress keeps releasing new themes that allow me to be lazy and not find photographs to feature (ha) so I’ve been exploring new options. Although, this current theme, Sorbet, is pretty neat, allows me to customize slightly and I dig the free font selection a lot more.

2) A TSA success story! (Because we don’t hear enough of them.) I traveled last weekend to Southern CA for work and was required to fly. I’m getting kind of used to asking the agents if I can opt out and, for the most part, the female agents I’ve been getting know what the insulin pump is. (One called it a glucose monitor, but that’s better than nothing.) On my flight home, I went through the usual opt out procedures of waiting for a female agent to escort me to a corner. I pulled my pump out of my pocket and she says, “Oh wow! Your’s has a cool cover on it!” It’s the little things, I tell you.

The cool cover...

The cool cover…

3) Have you donated to Spare a Rose yet? At last count, they were half way to their $10,000 goal by V-Day. That’s a lot of insulin for some kids in need. Save yourself the messy clean-up of dead flowers post Valentine’s Day and turn it into some good will. Think of the tax deduction you can take next year!

4) Speaking of taxes, being one half of a DINK equation is really awful around tax time. Our amount due to the feds DOUBLED last year, even with my short unemployment break. Hopefully we get that little “tax deduction” soon… no pressure. But since we’ve been trying for almost a year with no success, I’m headed to the Dr. in two weeks. <sigh>

5) I inquired to our local JDRF chapter about becoming a mentor for newly diagnosed families yesterday. However, the mentorship seems a bit different than it was when I had one as a kid. You basically bring over a bag of goodies (the Bag of Hope, they call it) to a newly diagnosed family and answer any questions they may have. Apparently, not many T1 adults volunteer for this… it’s mostly T1 families helping other T1 families. I suppose that makes sense, but was a little discouraging to hear. They have a young adult/professional group as well, so I might just get involved with that instead. (Kind of like a T1 20/30 Club.)

6) My Dexcom is MIA. Last week, I got a call from the supplier that the Dex was approved and I would see it in about 5 business days. I never got a tracking number or estimated ship date, so I called my rep again to see what was up. Nothing. Hmph. Meanwhile, I’ve been going without my Medtronic CGM because I know as soon I put one back in, the Dex will show up.

Stay warm, kids! Winter finally made it to California! You can curl up and watch the Olympics if you want. Keep an eye out for Kris Freeman; a XC Skier with T1.


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