Still Here?

I am, I promise. Life just sort of happened.

My Dex is here and now has a shiny new purple Tallygear case! I have a whole post drafted from about a week ago with photos and thoughts and funny analogies. But the words are mostly still in my head and I haven’t had a chance to sit and write it all down. Since work has been sort of busy, I didn’t feel right typing away an ode to Dexcom and the new bulge sitting on my abdomen. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Dex’s accuracy, but the transmitter is ginormous.

And while I had every intention to write this weekend, I also competed at another west coast swing convention and won all the things. No – seriously. I placed in the top three in every contest I entered. (One had 60 entries!) That said, I’m now out of the Novice division and can start competing as an “Intermediate” dancer. And the prize money won reimbursed me for my convention pass. Score.

More soon. Stay awesome.


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