#Dblog Week Day 1: Test 1 2 3… is this thing on?

Let’s kick off Diabetes Blog Week by talking about the diabetes causes and issues that really get us fired up. Are you passionate about 504 plans and school safety? Do diabetes misconceptions irk you? Do you fight for CGM coverage for Medicare patients, SDP funding, or test strip accuracy? Do you work hard at creating diabetes connections and bringing support? Whether or not you “formally” advocate for any cause, share the issues that are important to you. 

Well, hi! This is quite the week to come back to, isn’t? Perhaps one of the biggest, busiest weeks for Dbloggers. Maybe this will help re-kickstart my blogging habit – though, I have to admit, watching my stomach grow full of my shifting organs is rather entertaining. (The morning sickness still isn’t, however. I’m going to be one of those pregnant women, aren’t I?)

Being that I’ve been rather occupied lately, my advocacy attempts have been limited. Especially since advocacy wasn’t really the goal of this blog anyway. I just wanted a place to journal my dance journey as a T1 (and maybe squee loudly when I finally conceived a child.) Both happened, so maybe that’s why I’ve disappeared from the blogsphere a bit.

But I’ve created an interesting corner of the internet in the process. Since I let some of my IRL friends know about the blog, I’ve opened up a world I often keep private. Indirect, yet open communication through the blog allows for conversation later, usually for clarification purposes to help them understand me more.

Advocacy doesn’t have to be a big campaign. (Although – I like those too.) The more people who understand this wicked condition, the better. Even on a smaller scale within a community. It’s one more person who knows how to handle emergencies and one more person to help dispel the misconceptions.


5 thoughts on “#Dblog Week Day 1: Test 1 2 3… is this thing on?

  1. Kelley says:

    Well said and good to hear! I was feeling guilty I didn’t have a big platform that I am advocating for but if my blog can reach out and educate one family member or friend or provide support for one person then I’m still reaching out and advocating 🙂

  2. fifteenwaitfifteen says:

    (Unsolicited prediction here: I think you’re having a girl! 🙂 )The one thing other than diabetes that was constant throughout my pregnancy was the morning sickness. I literally had to put something in my mouth about every 3 hours or the nausea/heaving would take over. And it lasted the entire pregnancy. BUT, she came out all healthy and perfect with no issues, so I considered it a small price to pay in the long run 🙂

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