#Dblog Day 5: Life Hacks for the Fashionistas

Share the (non-medical) tips and tricks that help you in the day-to-day management of diabetes.  Tell us everything from clothing modifications, serving size/carb counting tricks to the tried and true Dexcom-in-a-glass trick or the “secret” to turning on a Medtronic pump’s backlight when not on the home-screen (scroll to the bottom of this post). Please remember to give non-medical advice only!

I actually only have a few, and of course, with no photo proof.

It’s hard to be a fashion icon person with a pager-like device at your side 24/7. Those slim fitting shirts, pants, dresses, whatever… forget it. As a pump wearer, I’m a very picky shopper. Pants don’t have pockets? You aren’t getting my money.

But, there are a few instances where the event calls for a skirt or dress. Oh – fine. I’ll make due.

Here are things I’ve done to make those events more tolerable:

1) Taken the arm band from an old iPod Sport holder and wrapped it around my thigh. Clipped pump to said “arm band.” (I still do this.)

2) Sewn in mesh craft bags into pants without pockets. They are the perfect size for Medtronic pumps.

3) Used a garter to hold up my pump on my leg. (Worked for under my wedding dress.)

4) Gone back on MDI for a short time. (Works especially well on performance weeks. But may not work well for everyone. Consult your doc.)

5) Used an elastic strap on my ballroom dress to clip my pump to. (Most of my costumes had at least one.)

So there you go. Happy fashion planning.


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