Ignorance is Not Really Bliss

So hey… so much for getting back into blogging after DBlogWeek. Oh well. I’ve been busy buying baby things and reading and counting summersaults in my lower abdomen. But I figure I better check in.

I’ve become incredibly dependent on my Dexcom since becoming pregnant. Dex wakes me up in a timely manner for those middle of the night lows and probably saved me a lot of trouble in DKA-ville two weeks ago when my site went bad. (Got to see Labor and Delivery for the first time… but I don’t recommend doing that to see it sooner.)

Like most PWDs, I order my durable medical supplies from the a 3rd party distributor rather than the vendor itself. (Medtronic seems to be the exception to the rule, however.) So when I was taping on my last sensor in the box, I called my supplier to place a refill order. Supplier said no problem; we hang up the phone and I wait.

And wait. And wait.

A week passes and I don’t hear a peep from UPS, the supplier… nothing. So I call again before the holiday weekend and complain. The clerk apologizes, isn’t really sure what happened, makes sure I have a valid prescription, and sends my order through for approval again with an overnight delivery guarantee.

Holiday weekend comes and goes and nothing has been dropped on my doorstep by the time Tuesday afternoon rolls around. By this time, the tape on my two week+ old sensor has irritated my skin so bad that I’ve disconnected entirely. I call again. Different clerk takes my call and explains my order won’t go through because my doctor on file is located in Montana and I’m in California.

Wait, what?

I attempt to calmly explain that all they needed to do was pick up my order from March, which has the exact same information they need. The original prescription was authorized to give me a year’s worth of supplies, so what’s the problem. The clerk said she’d “leave notes” in my order. Sigh. I asked for a tracking number to be emailed me when the order was approved so I knew when it was done. Again… more notes.

Two more calls finally yield another promise to overnight the sensors to me on a Friday. This time, however, I did receive an email confirmation and tracking number. So I figured I’d be plugged in again very soon – which was great, because I was getting really sick of dropping into the 40s and not feeling a dang thing. (When the kid gets hungry, it eats all my food!) To counter my overnight lows, I woke up twice via alarm to test myself at my most common drop points. I was beginning to think how I survived 30 years without my CGM.

Saturday arrives and I check my tracking number, discovering the package has been delivered! Hooray! I run outside to discover an empty doorstep. Huh? Where are my sensors?

In the off chance that my sensors were delivered to my office building instead, how where they signed for and left at the “front desk” on a Saturday? The office building is closed and can only be accessed via key and UPS typically holds all packages until Monday.

On the phone with UPS now – discover the package was indeed delivered to my office building and signed for by someone I didn’t recognize. Great. Since I’m so desperate for my sensors by this point, I commute to my office. To my dismay, my package is no where to be found and none of the surrounding suites were open to even ask if someone maybe signed for the package and were holding it. So I reported the box lost and/or stolen with UPS but couldn’t get an investigation going until Monday morning.

I continued my weekend Dex-less and frustrated, especially since I saw more 40s and 30s than I wanted to. And when keeping your blood sugars in check is such a big deal as a pregnant woman, you seek comfort in seeing those straight lines and arrows on the Dex. There is only so much information to gain when checking your blood sugar via fingerstick every 2 hours. (Also – not efficient.)

Monday arrived and the package still wasn’t anywhere to be found. I needed to work off-site for the morning, so I alerted our admin to keep an eye out for UPS in case they dropped something by for me. I also got a call from UPS indicating they still had no idea where my package was.

Around 10 am, our admin sends me a text saying someone dropped by my package and it was on my desk. Was it UPS? No – it was dropped off by a woman in another suite who was working on Saturday and caught UPS as they were arriving, signed for the package and held it until today.


Does anyone else see anything wrong with signing for a package that 1) doesn’t belong to you and 2) isn’t even going to your suite? Maybe not so much #1 in an office building, but still. Good samaritan or not – it would have saved me a lot of grief if the package was just held until Monday.

After all that madness, I’m finally plugged back in and feel better sleeping at night. Of course, today wasn’t without calibration errors and the three question marks of doom. But that seemed to be just misbehavior and not an indication of a bad sensor and site.

I guess from here on out, I need to order my sensors when I have two left in the box…


4 thoughts on “Ignorance is Not Really Bliss

  1. StephenS says:

    Really, it sounds like you had two problems: 1) Getting the new sensors, and 2) Having to go through 1,000 steps to get the sensors. I’m glad you’re connected again, and I hope this is the one glitch for you the rest of the way.

  2. Jessi says:

    Hmm…. I don’t know who your DME company is but I had the same problem last month! Not as bad as yours but I placed an order for more sensors on the 8th, didn’t hear for a week. Called back to see where they were. Was told there was an error in the system and they would reprocess and overnight for next day delivery. As frustrated as I was I can’t imagine that being pregnant. I hope you don’t have any more issues with that.

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