Pregnancy Brain Is Real

Confession – I refill my little 150 ml cartridges without doing a full site change if I’m under the 3 day mark and my site is working fine. Since real estate on my “love handles” is limited, I can’t be changing my site every 18 hours – which is now how long it takes me to get through a full reservoir of insulin. (Yeah – imagine that… that placenta be crazy.) Plus – I’d be going through boxes of infusion sets faster than my insurance would cover them. So – I cheat.

Most of the time, I go through the second refill before the 72 hours is up and I’m in a place where a site change is appropriate. (I get especially lucky with site-free showers!)

Yesterday, for some reason, I refilled in the morning again and went about my day, assuming this was the last 24 hours I could have this site in place. I confirmed on my Prime history that my last refill was done on the 21st. (Tuesday.) It was now Thursday, so that means I could safely go through the day with this existing site and finish up the remaining insulin. Cool.

My blood sugars were fine up until the evening. My MFM changed my dinner ratio to 1:0.5 – I couldn’t fathom giving 80 units of insulin for a cheeseburger, so I opted for the “protein-style” lettuce wrapped cheese burger instead. And a few fries. (I still need SOME carbs here, people.) 13 units or so later and my one hour check was 84 mg/dl. Kinda low for an hour check – so I snacked to appease the 10 units remaining on board so I didn’t free fall into the 40s like I typically do.

Instead, I sky-rocket. So I correct. And correct again. And nothing. The BGs stay in the 190s-200s for a good two hours after multiple corrections, but I apparently have around 5 units on board, so I just have to be patient, right? Cue hormonal ugly cry before bed. I did kind of want sleep tonight, but I’ll be up obsessively looking at my CGM to make sure I’m coming down. I’m really mad at myself for screwing this up, even despite my best efforts to be “good” and eat something d-friendly. (To be honest, I didn’t really miss the bun.)

At around midnight, I start noticing my site is sore. Seeing as how I can only really successfully sleep in two positions these days, not having that one side to roll over on did keep my insomnia active. Well – maybe the site is bad and I need to change it. When did I insert this thing again.

I check Prime history again. I refilled on 10/23, 10/21… and 10/20. Monday. This site is from Monday morning and now going on over 4 days old.


Midnight site change it is. I corrected, again, and saw a slow, eventual, downward trend occur before my imminent crash at 4 am. (More of a basal issue than anything.)

On the flip side, I only really have to care this much about a blood sugar in the 190s for a few more days. But I am really shocked that it took me this long to forget about a site change.


One thought on “Pregnancy Brain Is Real

  1. Kelley says:

    Aww, I hate those tricky blood sugars where you doubt things an hour afterwards and it ends up going the opposite way. Glad you came down, although sorry about dropping to the low. I know all too well about middle of the night lows these days-so annoying.

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