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My endocrinologist sent me a note today reminding me that I was due for a litany of blood work, including a post-pregnancy A1C. So I guess five months is a bit too long to avoid my diabetes. And this blog.

I won’t say I’ve been having a ton of issues, but my diabetes care has definitely taken a backseat. You can’t really blame me – I have been a little busy.


Yup – Bean is going to FIVE MONTHS in a little over a week. So far, we’ve experienced sleeping through the night, sleeping less than 2 hours in a night, leaky diapers, first smiles, complete meltdowns, squeals, giggles, screams, sniffles, colds, RSV, an ear infection, and an allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics she was given to treat it. She can sit with [lots] of assistance, rolls over, and sticks everything into her mouth. She is a very petite, but very happy little girl.

I’ve been asked a few times if she’s “showing any signs” of being like me. As if I don’t have enough to worry about. (Like, my own blood sugars for example.) But no – she’s doesn’t seem to be following in her mom’s health footsteps.

It doesn’t mean I’m not trying everything possible to keep that trend going, however. I’m still feeding Bean breastmilk exclusively. She gets bottles of pumped milk at daycare and then nurses when I’m with her. We haven’t gotten to a point where her demand is higher than my supply, so we’ll probably continue beyond my 6 month goal. I honestly hate pumping with the fire of a thousand suns. But if I have the supply to sustain her, why stop offering it to her? Especially if doing so can eliminate some risk.

We haven’t started offering solids yet because she’s not ready, nor interested. However, I’ve been exploring skipping gluten-based cereals and breads until she’s at least a year old. Research is mixed – so I’m undecided. I was definitely going to skip rice cereal and find other means to get her the nutrients she needs… because rice is a pretty sugary, empty grain for anyone. I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when we need to. Sweet potato and avocado seem way more fun anyway.

I’m sure I’ll get to a point where I’ll start checking her blood sugar in her sleep every so often, just to ease my mind. Some day she’ll understand why those juice boxes in the fridge aren’t for her. And why mom now has to hide all of her infusion sites on her back. (Seriously – she can always find them with her knees!) For the time being, we’ll proceed as normally as we can.


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