What Goes in a T1’s Birth Plan

I figure I would throw this out there because I spent weeks looking for things to put into a birth plan for Bean and I. A lot of templates didn’t really put my preexisting condition into the mix, nor would it have fit.

My original plan was always to have a medicated birth. However, I wrote the plan thinking I would be admitted not in active labor and induced. That wasn’t the case, so my plan was slightly altered.

When writing your own, please understand that this is a rough outline for your ideal birth situation and shouldn’t be the only way it could happen. Bean’s birth didn’t follow my plan at all. In fact, a lot of things happened that weren’t planned; except we were both healthy and alive in the end.

Names and details are removed. Some of the vocabulary is unique to my hospital. “Golden Hour” refers to the hour immediately after birth.

Goals: A safe and sane delivery of our baby girl with a feeling of “normalcy” despite the high risk nature of the pregnancy.

Delivery Room Visitors: M will be the only labor partner allowed during labor and delivery. Visitors may be allowed in after the “Golden Hour” or up to the discretion of the parents.

Permitted post-birth visitors: [list visitors here] (i.e. Baby’s immediate family members)

Medical Devices: Jen would like to wear her insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom) throughout labor and delivery. She would like to use her own meter and supplies to control her blood sugars.

  • If Jen becomes incapacitated and is unable to administer doses, or needs to remove the devices for an unplanned C-Section, please consult the insulin pump for her current basal and bolus rates rather than her medical chart. (The dosing has most likely changed since it was recorded.)

Early Stages of Labor

  • Jen would like to use a birthing ball, position changes, massage, and walking to alleviate early labor pains. If a suite with a birthing tub is available, it would be preferred, but not required.
  • Jen prefers intermittent fetal monitoring to allow for movement and position changes.
  • Jen would like to progress without medication for as long as possible. Jen will ask for an epidural when she is ready. Please do not offer it in the meantime.
  • Jen will consent to an IV lock, but would prefer to drink fluids initially.

Late Stages of Labor and Delivery

  • Only essential medical staff and M in the room during delivery please. (e.g. no observers, medical students, etc.)
  • Jen would like to tear naturally rather than have an episiotomy.
  • Jen would prefer not to have forceps or a vacuum intervention be used unless labor is too far along for an emergency c-section and/or Baby’s life is in danger.
  • M will cut the cord after it has stopped pulsing. Immediate skin-to-skin for baby and Jen, unless Jen is incapacitated. Offer skin-to-skin to M as an alternative.
    • Jen and M will be donating baby’s cord blood to a cord bank. Please collect paperwork when appropriate.
  • Baby will receive all routine treatments (e.g. Vit K, Hep B vaccine, eye gel, etc.) and tests after Golden Hour bonding or when appropriate.
  • Jen would prefer that she and baby are not separated and post-delivery care be administered in the birthing suite. In the event of a NICU visit, M will go with baby.
  • Jen prefers that expressed breast milk or breastfeeding be used to treat any possible baby hypoglycemia. Please do not offer formula without consent or without trying breast milk first.

Post Delivery

  • Please involve M and Jen in as many diaper changes and baby baths as possible.
  • Jen would like to meet with a lactation consultant to help establish breastfeeding.
  • Jen and M would like to have baby’s feet and hand prints stamped for a baby book. They will provide a piece of cardstock for this.

Post Delivery Insulin Pump Settings

For reference, here are Jen’s pre-pregnancy pump settings.

[insert pre-pregnancy pump settings here]


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